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Australia Day in Brisbane

Australia Day
Fire up the barbie and buy some lamb chops - Australia Day will soon be upon us! This year it will be 20 years since all Australian states and territories began celebrating Australia Day on January 26th with a public holiday, so Aussies will be going all out in celebrating this beautiful nation of ours.

Romantic Holidays in Victoria

Great Ocean Road, VIC
A romantic setting is probably the most important ingredient in creating a romantic occasion to remember, and there are several things that make up the perfect romantic setting.

The Choice Hotels ‘Big Things’ Tour of Australia – Part 7

Part 7 of our Big Things tour of Australia kicks off where we left off in the Queensland town of Richmond where we visited the Riversleigh Fossil Centre and saw a great collection of prehistoric fossils including some big bones.

Top 5 Beaches in Australia

Main Beach, Queensland
Who doesn’t love a good beach? And with approximately 35,000 kilometres of coastline, Australia is home to arguably some of the most beautiful and eclectic beaches in the world.

Dubbo – A Great Family Holiday Destination

Dubbo, NSW
A family holiday works best when every member of the family is catered for and Dubbo with its world famous Western Plains Zoo, convict history and country hospitality will appeal to all ages and interests.

Sydney Olympic Park for Kids

Sydney Olympic Park, NSW
I’m probably not the only person who wondered what on earth was going to happen with all that expensive infrastructure at Sydney Olympic Park after the 2000 Olympics were over! Well fortunately, it’s far from going to waste and the mini city has become a playground for fitness fanatics, families and kids.

Things to do in Wagga Wagga

Murrumbidgee River at Wagga Wagga, NSW
There are country towns and there are country towns – some of them don’t have a lot to offer and some of them are so welcoming and vibrant that you won’t want to leave. Wagga Wagga (or just Wagga as the locals call it) definitely falls into the latter category.

Scuba Diving Near Townsville

Scuba Diving, QLD
Diving at the Great Barrier Reef would have to be on the bucket list of every scuba diver in Australia, and probably the world, and the Queensland town of Townsville is located within close proximity of some of the Barrier Reef’s most coveted scuba diving locations.

Things to Do in Gunnedah: the Gunnedah Poet’s Drive

Gunnedah, NSW
Looking for things to see and do in Gunnedah? The Poet’s Drive is the best place to start.